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Pratapgarh Jain Yuva Manch

Our Activities

The Managing Committee undertakes a variety of Cultural & Religious Programs :-

These programs are intimated to the Members of the PJYM time to time by the Circulars. All the Members are requested to attend the program on time. The Programs are being proposed by the Managing Committee & it can change the time & place of the Programs.

General Activities
PJYM has in its short life span of 12 Years organized various programs for the benefit of Samaj.

  • Organised vocational Guidance, Personality Development Computer education Programs.
  • On year to year basis organized Drawings & Crafts competition for the children of Samaj.


  • Organised Medical Camps on 26th January every year. During last several years Medical camps were conducted for ECG check up, Blood Group check up, Eye check up, Dental check up, bone density checkup Full body check up etc.
  • PJYM has even created a Database of Blood Group, which is very useful in emergency for contacting persons if Blood of a particular group is required. This database is successfully used many a time.
  • Recently on 26th January, 2004 a major Medical camp was successfully managed by PJYM.
  • PJYM has also pursued the goal of providing all the members of samaj the facility for Hepititis Vaccination.
  • These medical camps are unique & were started by PJYM for the benefit of persons of Samaj.


  • PJYM started to organize & successful managed visits to native place at the time of "Rath Yatra after Paryushyan Maha Parva. These visits helped many persons from our Samaj to attend the Rath Yatra for the 1st time in their life. The youth groups who attended this Rath Yatra are surprised to see the magnitude & importance of Rath Yatra. Not only youth, even the elderly persons who could not go to Pratapgarh to attend this Yatra, due to various reasons, gave their blessing to PJYM for arranging this program.
  • PJYM is helping for last several years to Pratapgarh Dasha Humad Priti Bhoj Samiti on 26th January to organize the social gathering and lunch on this occasion.
  • PJYM organized a Yuvak Yuvati Parichay Sammelan in Mumbai & also published a Book containing Details of unmarried Boys & Girls. The program was a grand success and the book proved very useful for match- making.
  • PJYM started publication of quarterly News letter. This paper is very popular and the subscriber base is increasing day by day.

PJYM organises every year various social and entertainment activities, for the entertainment of members of PJYM like, Picnic, Dance, Antakshri Competition, Sports and other programs from time to time. The members participation in all the programs is good. Most of the programs are followed with lunch or dinner.

The biggest achievements of PJYM is purchase of 2 Flats admeasuring 1800 sq. ft. in Borivali(W). The members of samaj as well as various institutions for their activities are using the flats.

PJYM has successfully brought together the youth. Even the elderly people who can't become members of PJYM has come close due to various activities of PJYM involving the persons from Samaj.